Detroit is big enough to matter in the world and small enough for you to matter in it.
— Jeanette Pierce

Our Story

As lifelong Detroiters, we've watched our city change in many ways. Growing up and growing older in Detroit we've witnessed the city through its struggles and many transformations.  

We have found that Detroit speaks to each of us uniquely and we have very distinct personalities and perspectives on life in the city. We realized more and more that Detroit has helped shape our outlook on the world. 

We are on a mission to highlight the growth and development that is happening in Detroit from its life-long residents, new residents, and future residents and how we all play a pivotal role in the revitalization of this city. We want to speak to how the spirit of ingenuity, strength, grittiness and power has shaped the way we look at the world around us, allowing for our unique perspectives to bring a sense of community, creativity and thoughtfulness to issues in a way only Detroiters can.

We decided to create a site dedicated to highlighting the interests, achievements and renewal of the city we love. We are not limiting ourselves to just that, we want to lend our voices to all things that influence, raise awareness, incite, uplift and beautify.  

So we welcome you to our city and into our minds to Laugh, Lament, Live and Learn with 4Detroitgirls.